Solar Energy Panels


The best way to Go Green and Be Cool is to Go Solar

Solar ColageSolar panel installation in Dallas is finally affordable. A properly designed Photovoltaic System and commitment to a Clean, Green energy strategy can pay for itself in as little as 5 to 10 years.

A Cooler House has the experience and resources needed to make your Solar Panel buying experience painless and rewarding. Our long standing relationship with the various Utility Companies gives us access to substantial incentives, lowering your cost significantly. 

How can I afford Solar Panels?

  • First, of all the Photovoltaic industry has made huge advances in the efficiency and cost effectiveness of Solar Electric Systems in last few years.
  • Second, the Federal Government's Income Tax  Credit offsets 30% of the cost of residential and commercial Solar Photovoltaic systems.
  • Third, Utility and solar rebates in DFW offset as much as $0.84 - $3.00 per installed watt! 

Let's take a look at a realistic Residential Solar installation scenario In Dallas, TX.

Solar Energy Worksheet

 Home Size: 2500 Sqft 
 PV System Size: 3,000 watt 
 Dollars per watt cost: $4 / watt  
 Total Cost: $12,000  
 $1.31 / watt Utility Rebate:  -$3,930  
 Sub Total: $8,070  
 30% Federal Tax Credit: -$2,421  
 Total Investment: $5,649  
 Annual Output: 4,376 kWh  
 Average $/kWh in Texas: $0.15/kWh  
 Current Annual Return:  $656 
 $656 x 20yrs= Immediate added property value: $13,120 
 $656 / $5,649= Tax Free Rate of Return: 11.6% 

All Electrical work is performed by a Licensed Electrical Contractor. Glenn Huff owner of Hemco (Lic# 22286) has completed NABCEP training and has over 25 years experience as a Master Electrician. 


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