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Radiant Barrier Paint

Radiant Barrier Paint

5 gallon quantity. LO/MIT radiant barrier is a low emissivity surface placed in the path of thermal radiation that blocks radiant heat transfer.

Manufacturer: SOLEC

Price: $ 375.00

Attic Tents

Attic Tents

Attic Tents are installed to stop the transfer of air and dirt between the attic and a living space.

Manufacturer: InsulSure

Price: $ 169.95 small size
Price: $ 179.95 medium size
Price: $ 189.95 large size


Skylight Covers

Custom Skylight Covers

Custom fit durable Phifer Sun-Tex fabric solar skylight covers. The larger the surface area of the skylight cover, the less expensive it is per square inch.

Manufacturer: A Cooler House

Price: Price starting from $95.00 depending on cover size.



Garage Fan

Garage Fan

GF-14 garage fan

Moving up to 1400 cfm, the GF-14 Garage fan is the perfect solution to a hot Garage.
Manufacturer: Power Save
Price: $ 400

Solar Powered Attic Fan

SunRise Solar 850

Solar Powered Attic Fan/Vent

SunRise Solar 850 solar-powered attic vent is a sleek and stylish high volume solar fan. The SR 850 is great for cooling that smaller attic space up to 1,100 square feet.

Manufacturer: SunRise Solar

Price: $ 500


Solar Powered Attic Fan

Super Cyclone

Solar Powered Attic Fan/Vent

Moving up to 1250 cfm, the Super Cyclone solar-powered attic vent is one of the most effective solar-powered attic fans on the market.

Manufacturer: Solar Dynamics, Inc.

Price: $ 900

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