Home Energy Audit

Home Energy Audit

Energy Audit PlanoSchedule an energy audit in with one of A Cooler House’s Certified Energy Efficiency Auditors.

Benefits of getting an Energy Audit:Download a Sample Report

  • Makes your home more comfortable while using less energy
  • Prevents unnecessary wear and tear on your Heat and A/C Equipment
  • Lowers your energy bill
  • Reduces allergens or other airborne contaminants
  • Saves money



An Energy Auditor will come to your home and provide a free Energy Efficiency Assessment; this assessment will address your attic insulation, radiant barrier, attic ventilation, HVAC system, and overall home Weatherization needs. The energy assessor will leave you with a price to preform any repairs that he may advise.

Option1: Free


Option 2

Option 2 addresses the same issues and then some. Our premium Energy Audit provides a home owner with a full report, a solid tangible energy audit generated through nationally recognized energy audit software.

We use a tool called a “Blower Door” to actually measure the leakage from your doors, windows, lights, and hidden places.
Your Energy Auditor will provide you with a 10 – 20 page report that: details any deficiencies, suggests repairs, and (most importantly) gives you an estimated return on investment for each repair. This will help you prioritize which repairs you make and when.

**Option 2: $0.20 per sqft. 

Over the last 5 years the management of A Cooler House has directly managed the Energy Efficiency improvement of over 15,000 Texas homes.

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