Attic Ventilation

Attic Ventilation

Solar Attic Vents

Proper attic ventilation is a vital piece of any energy efficiency strategy. Proper Attic Ventilation combined with radiant barrier can lower your attic temperature dramatically and save you some serious cash.

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Why ventilate my attic?

Attic Venting IllustratedThe blazing sun’s rays beat down on your roof causing attic temperatures to soar, sometimes to over 160 degrees! This heat forces its way through the insulation and into your home, then your AC system must remove the heat from your living space… and that will cost you a bundle! As for homes in the south… the more ventilation you have the better.

You have a couple of attic ventilation options:

  • Natural ventilation (Wind Turbines, Static, and Soffit Vents) or;

  • Powered vents (Solar, or hard wired)

Solar Powered Vents

A Cooler House’s solar powered attic fans automatically exhausts super-heated attic air before it can get into your living space; it’s on at dawn shuts down as the sun sets. Cooler outside air is quietly pulled into the attic through eve or soffit vents and exhausted back outside.

Please note that one solar-powered attic fan normally requires at least 12 fully open 8″ x 16″ soffit (eve) intake vents to provide a source of cooler intake ventilation. Solar Powered Attic Fan

Advantages of solar ventilation over traditional power ventilation:

  • No energy usage

  • No electrician or permit required (a permit is around $250 and a electrician is $200 or more)

  • Low profile

  • Super quiet operation

Heat Gain Chart

Natural Ventilation Attic Whirlybird Ventilation Fan

If powered fans are not a option “Wind Turbines” along with adequate soffit ventilation would be the next best thing. A Cooler house installs only the best wind turbines with ball bearing operation. You can also step up to a 14 inch from the standard 12 inch turbines. We will install the turbines high on the peak your roof so as to catch as much wind as possible, giving you maximum savings.Attic Vent Cover


When home owner associations are a problem simple Air Hawks may be the answer. These low-cost passive vents provide for added air flow when no other application will work; combined with adequate soffit ventilation Air Hawks can be a relatively effective ventilation solution.

Whatever your specific needs may be our technicians have know how and tools at their disposal to address your home’s ventilation needs.

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